About Gabi

I am a PhD student in Marine Geology and Geophysics at the MIT-WHOI Joint Program. My primary research is in the MIT McGee Lab, which focuses on paleoclimate and U-Th series dating of paleo records. I got my BA in Earth and Oceanographic Science at Bowdoin College, where I worked with Michèle LaVigne on deep-sea coral geochemistry.

Outside of research, I like to spend time communicating science and helping other students learn to use social media for science.

Gabi Serrato Marks
Giving a 60 second research summary (“pop talk”) at ComSciCon 2017

Want to see what I have been up to lately? Follow me on Twitter or read my recent writing! My CV is available here.

PS: My name is pronounced GAH-bee, not Gabby, because my mom’s family is from Mexico and that is the pronunciation in Spanish. If you’re confused, ask me how to say it!

Updated Fall 2017